Tetnuldi Ski resort - Getting Here

How to get to Tetnuldi Ski Resort?

To visit the resort Tetnuldi you need to get to the capital of Upper Svaneti - Mestia town (15 km from the ski resort Tetnuldi). There is no property in the resort area, the nearest hotels are located in Mestia.

You can get to Tetnuldi Ski resort from any of the three cities where are the international airports - Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.

The following are other options how to get to us - by train, by minibus, regular bus, taxi and domestic air travel from Tbilisi.

Tbilisi-Mestia | Batumi - Mestia | Kutaisi - Mestia | Zugdidi - Mestia | Shuttle Service inside Svaneti

Airport Tbilisi, Kutaisi - Mestia (480 km)

1. Transfer

Email to: transfer@snow.ge

2. By minibus

Departs daily from 6 am to 8 am from the square nearby the "Children's World" department store (next to the railway station).
Ticket cost about GEL 40-50 per person. Travel time of 8 hours. 

3. By train Tbilisi - Zugdidi, then by minibus to Mestia

The daily night train Tbilisi-Zugdidi. Departure time at 22.00, tickets need to take in advance at the Tbilisi railway station or website  http://www.railway.ge/ in the section  "buy tickets through the Internet".
The train arrives in Zugdidi around 7 am. Minibuses from Zugdidi to Mestia depart from the same railway station. Minibuses depart before 11 am. The cost is about 25-30 GEL per person. Travel time of 3 hours. 

4. By taxi "Tbilisi - Mestia"

Cost about 350 GEL per car. Travel time: 7-8 hours.

5. By a rented car

You can rent a four-wheel drive car. The cost of renting a good jeep from USD 50 per night.

6. By plane Tbilisi - Mestia

Ticket price 60 GEL to one side. The aircraft (L-410) of the company Service Air is designed for 15 passengers (15 kg of luggage is allowed).
Flights: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Flight time is 1.5 hours.
Departure from the airport Natakhtari (30 km from Tbilisi), at 9 am, from Mestia - at 11 in the morning. Check-in 1 hour before departure. 

How to buy / book a plane ticket to Mestia:
Send the name, passport number, nationality and contact phone number on mari@vanillasky.ge or info@vanillasky.ge.
Tickets need to buy back up to 3 days before the flight, in the office or by bank transfer.
Phones in Tbilisi: +995 599 659 099, + 995 591 512 533 (Shorena)
Note: The price of the ticket includes a free transfer from Tbilisi (Rustaveli metro station, near the fountain, a white Mercedes Sprinter, 7:20 am)

Batumi-Mestia (270 km)

By minibus from Batumi to Mestia

There are no direct minibuses. You need to get a transfer in Zugdidi.
Minibus "Batumi - Zugdidi." Ticket cost 20-30 GEL. Travel time - 3 hours.
Minibus "Zugdidi - Mestia." Ticket cost 20-30 GEL. Travel time - 3 hours.      

By taxi from Batumi to Mestia

The cost is GEL 300-350 by a car. Jeep (preferably in the winter) is more expensive. Travel time 5-6 hours.

Kutaisi-Mestia (240 km)

By minibus from Kutaisi to Mestia

Departure from the Kutaisi bus station. Ticket price - 25 GEL. If this day is no direct minibus to 
Mestia, you can get to Zugdidi and then transfer  to a minibus or a taxi to Mestia.

Zugdidi - Mestia (140 km)

By minibus from Zugdidi to Mestia

Minibuses depart from the railway station and the bus station nearby the Svan tower. Ticket cost 20-30 GEL. Journey time 2.5 hours.

By bus from Zugdidi to Mestia

Begin to depart from 7 am and in the period of tourist season there may be 3 or 4 buses, depending on the number of tourists.

By taxi from Zugdidi to Mestia

Price from 150 to 300 GEL depending on the vehicle.

Local transport in Upper Svaneti

Rates of transport between localities (price for the car, 5-7 passengers):

Mestia - Resort Tetnuldi: 60 GEL
Mestia - Mazeri: 80 GEL
Mestia - Ushguli: 200 GEL
Mestia - Jabeshi: 60 GEL
Mestia - Adishi: 170 GEL
Mestia - Nakra: 120 GEL
Mestia - Kala: 180 GEL

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